We've distributed 34560 xChip devices across the grid.

Advanced Framework

xChip 2 is only the biggest upgrade we've ever done. We are providing you with the best free Second Life technology up for grabs, with powerful servers behind it to manage your information securely and quickly.

Developer API

With xChip 2, Second Life content creators can now express their creativity by submitting their very own custom xChip Apps to our xChip Marketplace, where they can earn revenue from their individual sales.

HUD Functionality

The xChip is now a fully-functional HUD instead of a command-based device. Operating with a HUD reduces spam, lag, and lets us deliver you an excellent immersive xChip experience.

xChip LIVE

xChip LIVE is our built-in social network. Create your own profile, update your status, and follow your friends to get their status updates delivered to you in real-time.