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Current Version: xChip 2.3.0

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Chat Commands

  • Chase
    x.chase or x.chase.USER
    Follow specified user wherever they move within the sim. x.chase.stop to stop.
  • Clean Objects
    x.clean or x.clean.ALL or x.die
    Searches for objects rezzed by the xChip and allows you to remove them region-wide.
  • Clear Chat
    Clear local chat, useful for combatting spam.
  • Cluster
    x.cluster or x.cluster.USER
    Send a cluster of objects flying at another avatar, pushing them all across the region.
  • Dialog
    Sends Message to specified Agents (either username or ALL to select all agents in region) with dialog Buttons specified. Buttons separated by asterisk. Will return users response back to you in chat.
    ie x.dialog.all.What is your favorite color.Red*Blue*Green*Yellow
  • Elevator
    x.elevate or x.elevate.USER
    Elevate another avatar into the sky.
  • Go To
    x.goto or x.goto.USER
    Instantly warp to USER's position.
  • Ground
    x.ground or x.ground.USER
    Send another user into the ground.
  • Imitate
    Sends message in Local Chat as USER. Fool your friends.
    ie x.imitate.austin.YOLO
  • Platform
    Rez a platform below your feet. Useful at high altitudes.
  • Pose Stand
    Rez a pose stand below your feet.
  • Quick Map
    Loads the map to specified region.
  • Quick Warp
    x.fwd.DISTANCE or x.back.DISTANCE
    Quickly warp in the direction specified. Distance paramter is optional, and will warp 5 meters if left blank.
  • Share xChip
    Offer another avatar a free xChip SmartHUD.
  • Sound
    Preview specified sound UUID in world.
  • Trap
    x.trap or x.trap.USER
    Trap another avatar within a capsule, keeping them enclosed sim-wide.


The Rezzables app is a flexible panel that will change based on the xChip's Object contents. You can drop any object in the xChip and the panel will repopulate every time you launch it. Use this to easily access commonly rezzed items from your inventory, as well as the preloaded objects which are described below.

  • Platform
    Rez a platform beneath your feet.
  • Cluster
    Cluster attack any user within range.
  • Trap
    Trap any user within range, limiting their movement.
  • Pose Stand
    Rez a pose stand beneath your feet.
  • Balls
    A fun, pointless feature for the laughs.
  • NPV
    Non-Physical Vehicle. Become invincible.
  • Elevator
    Send another avatar into the sky.
  • Ground
    Send another avatar into the ground.
  • Bulldozer
    Push your friends and physical objects with the bulldozer.


The Audio app contains features only heard, not seen.

  • TP Sounds
    Choose from a list of sounds to play every time you teleport to a new region!
  • SL Sounds
    Play sounds from the default SL library, fool your friends!


The Animations app is a flexible panel that will change based on the xChip's Animation contents. You can drop any animation in the xChip and the panel will repopulate every time you launch it. Use this to easily access commonly used anims from your inventory, as well as the preloaded ones.

  • Hump
  • Hide
  • Dead
  • Dance
  • Blur
  • Wave
  • Bend Over
  • Nyanya


One of the most exciting apps on the xChip! Modify and change a vast range of movement characteristics!

  • Lock
    Lock yourself into place, stop being pushed by other avatars/objects.
  • Chase User
    Follow a user wherever they go!
  • Warp To
    Quickly warp to another user's location within range.
  • AirWalk
    Walk anywhere without prims! Defy gravity!
  • DoubleJump
    Double tapping the jump key on your keyboard will send you twice as high!
  • Camera
    Modify your Second Life camera attributes to many different options!
  • QuickLift
    Quickly lift to any height (in meters).
  • NPV
    Non-Physical-Vehicle. Warp around on this, walk through walls, and more!
  • BumpDetect
    Get notified whenever another user bumps you with their avatar or a physical object.
  • TP Effects
    Rez a colorful effect every time you teleport to a new region.
  • Reset
    Resets your 4 movement enhancing sliders at the bottom of this app.


Generates a list of users nearby you, and allows you to select options by clicking on their name.


Easily control your land through this app! Eject, ban, unban, teleport home, and pass users from a dialog menu.

xChip LIVE

View the status feed from users you are following.