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Welcome to the xChip

The xChip SmartHUD is some of the best free technology that Second Life has to offer. The xChip originally began in 2009 as a multitool that attached to your avatars shoulder and we have now grown into a fully functional SmartHUD.
Stay connected with your friends, with xChip LIVE, our integrated social network. Follow your friends, post status updates, and receive your friends status updates in real-time, both on the web, and in-world.
Communicate easier with the xChip GridComm, our grid-wide chat service. Create your own custom chat channels, invite your friends to join them, and chat with everyone in your channel no matter what region you are in. Or join the Public channel and chat with everyone!
On top of our standard integrated features, the xChip also has a Developer API which allows content creators to create Apps (xTensions) to be purchased by other xChip users. We have created an xChip Marketplace where you can browse, and purchase xTensions and Themes for your in-world HUD. The possibilities are endless.
The xChip has many more features, which include:

  • Chase User
  • Warp To
  • Cluster Attack
  • Trap
  • Orbit
  • Dialog Users (individual or sim-wide)
  • Elevator
  • Grounder
  • Imitate
  • Platform
  • Pose Stand
  • Quick Warp
  • Quick Sound Player
  • NPV (Non Physical Vehicle)
  • Bulldozer
  • Teleport Sound Effects
  • SL Sound Library
  • Built In Animations Library (scaleable)
  • Movement Lock
  • AirWalk (anti-gravity primless walker)
  • DoubleJump
  • Camera Enhancements
  • QuickLift
  • Bump Detect
  • Teleport Effects
  • Sim-Wide Radar with on-click actions
  • Land Control (eject, ban, tp-home, etc...)
  • Flight Speed Enhancer
  • Run Speed Enhancer
  • Jump Height Enhancer
  • Gravity Force Enhancer

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