xChip Release Notes

Current Version: xChip 2.3.0

xChip 2.3.0

Released on November 21, 2016
-Refactored Link Message Communications to improve response time
-HUD can now be positioned anywhere on your screen, instead of only the left side
-Fixed bug where users would see Connection Failed messages on first time use
-Fixed texture bug in Settings menu
-Fixed bug in Radar where toggling on/off would not update Settings
-Fixed bug in Wink where clicking the home button would cause a texture collision
-Reviewed and adjusted encryption where necessary
-Rebuilt entire HUD in mesh planes instead of primitive objects
-Re-textured panels, changed home button and app arrows
-Re-textured Profile Panel
-Improved response time on Link Message calls
-Improved response time on Radar
-Improved response time on loading App Icons
-Improved response time on My Winks icon
-Added Reset button when HUD experiences connection failure
-Added Web Browser App
-Added Thumbs Up App
-Added Alpha Masking to prevent texture glitches
-Added Mesh Navigation Bar
-Added Reboot option in Help Menu
-Added x.memtest
-Added incremental retries to attempt to reconnect when HUD experiences connection failure
-Added functionality to save the HUD position on each users screens
-Added loading screen between Wink Panel switches
-Added fail safe to catch stuck loading screens
-Disabled Region FPS updates by default
-Additional support for Developers and xTensions:
--Developer Program is no longer exclusive to xChip Premium members
--Refactored parameter parsing from HTTP to Notecards
--Refactored parsing algorithm to use less memory
--Added hyper threading to improve GUI Loading time by 50%
--Increased GUI Prim Count from 15 to 20
--Changed GUI Objects from Prims to Mesh Planes
--Changed GUI Param Identifiers from Strings to Integers
--Improved response time on xTension Touch Communications
--Added ability to load existing GUI Params from Notecards in the Dev Environment
--Added Floating Text option in GUI Params
--Added touch_end event communications
--Added Redelivery option from HUD Dialog when xTension is not found
--Added xTension Object_Name to Dialog Prompt
--Added Loading Screen on HUD when loading GUI params

xChip 2.2.5

Released on September 11, 2016
-Added BootLoader
-Added functionality during server downtime, the HUD will auto collapse to save screen space
-WINK now displays recently logged in users first
-Fixed alpha layering glitches affecting notifications and wink people icons
-User experience fixes for first-time Wink users
-Improved response time on HTTP Requests
-Removed ability for people to load SL profiles in Wink, now a Premium only feature
-Fixed glitch in notifications where it would only load 5 notifications at a time.
-Added Pink themes to Marketplace

xChip 2.2.0

Released on August 4, 2016
Functionality changes to improve response time.
Added SuperWinks
Added Rewind Wink feature
Added Remove Winks feature
Added visual gender indicator
Added View Profile button
Changed notifications to only display mutual winks
Preloading next profile picture
Moved Wink icon to the right
Added edit button in settings bio textbox
Added message dump when Bio exceeds character limit

xChip 2.1.5

Released on July 24, 2016
-Added WINK App
-Added App Store Icon
-Changed Home button
-Reworked home screen layout, moved Search to top bar
-Added Tooltips
-Removed Mandatory registration requirement

xChip 2.0.0

Released on July 3, 2016
Official Release